Services & Capabilities

Sheet Foam Splitting, Slitting, Custom Sizing, Lamination, CAD Milling, Die Cuts, Compression molds


Anyone can redistribute materials from a factory. Unfortunately, the default size or shape of the material can be unwieldy and space-consuming, or result in costly waste during production. Preparing the materials for efficient handling, storage, and production is typically left to you. It's a time-consuming, messy task that requires additional workspace and man hours.


That's why MatPLUS should be your supplier. We're different. We're a custom services provider. Our converting and fabricating capabilities will make yours more efficient and profitable. We make-to-order your materials using a variety of applications, including laminating, tight tolerance splitting, compression molding, contour cutting, and more.We do this daily in the USA.


We make and convert a variety of materials, including EVA and PE foams, blended foams, urethane foams, neoprenes, and sponge rubber—primarily used in pedorthic products, but suitable for many uses. Already have a materials source? No problem. We routinely convert customers’ supplies too.


Foam Sheet Materials Sizing and Splitting

Cut large factory sheets into various thickness, length, or widths that fit your specifications to reduce labor time, shipping costs, & limited storage space.


Foam rolls, Mini Rolls, Cutting and slitting

Cut master rolls into efficient sizes for your applications. Full length rolls can be reduced to a more usable and less wasteful set of mini-rolls.


die cut, hydraulic presses, foam casting

Die cut your business's most popular insole shapes and sizes to save time. We use hydraulic presses and custom press knives to cut most 2D shapes.


Skiver, Foam shaper, contour skiving, custom foam tooling

Reduce machine wear by letting us pre-shape blockers or wedges for you. Contour skiving can produce foams in various slopes or shapes with custom tooling. 


Bi-lam, Tri-lam, Spray Laminated, dry film laminated. Multi-durometer lamination. pressure sensitive adhesive

Avoid time-consuming, space-consuming, messy gluing of sheet materials. Spray lamination or dry film lamination are options available to combine most of the materials we offer. Customize your laminations with 2-layer or 3-layer options.


converting services, Splitting Services, shipping services, Sizing Services, cnc milling, cad work, cad design

We will accept your materials even if they are from other sources. Send us boxes of your existing stocks for custom converting, cutting, slicing, milling, skiving, casting, lasering and more.


cnc, cad design, Milling work

We do in-house CAD design work and offer CNC milling on most of our materials as needed. MP CNC laser engraving and cutting is also available for cutom imaging or custom shaping to finished goods.


compression molding, foam shaping

Many of our materials are heat and compression moldable. Using hydraulic presses with precision heat, we are able to mold a variety of 3D shapes with proper tooling.


private labeling, re-branding

For resale, turnkey private label re-branding of our ready-to-wear insoles. We can also manufacture small batch ready-to-wear insoles designed by you for you. We off heat transfer and laser engraving options on most finished goods.